"Kirsty’s proposed project, A Commentary on Productivity: E2, has the potential to build strong networks between artists from a diverse range of lived experiences working with various different mediums. Contributing artists will therefore be encouraged to consider their own work in a new context and extend upon their own practice as a result. Furthermore, audiences will have access to the works and ideas of over thirty artists, stimulating and framing their own thoughts in relation to productivity. 


In addition, this would allow Kirsty to continue developing her curatorship abilities and practice. She has already demonstrated exceptional strength in organisation, communication and problem solving through her recent project, “E1: the Berlin ‘non-Exhibition’”. She readily applied herself to ensure that each artist provided a thoughtful and lucid statement, engaging in an extended dialogue and editing process with each. She also proved herself capable of dealing with problems as they arose - when the rental car intended to transport works and equipment to the site fell through at the last minute, she calmly found and organised an alternative, and adapted our schedule so the exhibition could still run on the day. I’m sure Kirsty would make the most of a chance to work with a larger budget and this would put her in good stead to continue curating in future. 


Her proposal has the potential to significantly develop her own and many other young artists’ practices, while developing local and international connections and communities."

-  Maire Kashyap

   Contributing artist and writer


"My name is Tabitha Swanson and I displayed my piece Lightness of Being: The Awakening at Kirsty’s exhibition: A Commentary on Productivity: E1


Whilst working with Kirsty, she maintained a professional attitude and an organised approach. She was forward thinking, sorting out many of the smaller details for the exhibition months in advance, and was a fantastic communicator. I believe that her show in Berlin brought together many artists from all around the world 


Being in this exhibition allowed me to expand my practice. Unlike other curators, Kirsty gave me the breadth to explore my own thoughts and feelings, as opposed to shutting off my creative thinking by imposing strict parameters. I think this is a problem with many curators today. E2 would give me the opportunity to show my work in Melbourne, hopefully creating a network of creative contacts I and the other artists can use in future. I believe that this will help me create connections within the Melbourne art community and I would hope that it could lead to some work being commissioned from Australian artists in the Berlin or broader European context.


In short, I can wholeheartedly recommend Kirsty for this grant." 

- Tabitha Swanson

   Contributing artist and graphic designer   


"I am writing in support of Kirsty Jane's application for funding to curate E2. I have known Kirsty for a number of years, having completed a Bachelor of Art together at The University of Melbourne.


I have worked with Kirsty on multiple projects and have been thoroughly impressed by her dedication to supporting the arts, especially fellow young artists. Our past work together includes photoshoots for my fashion and travel website An Odd Girl. For each campaign Kirsty shot, she had a great vision and concept that accentuated the interesting elements of the clothing. She was able to deliver her vision by confidently directing me in a manner that made me feel incredibly comfortable and at ease working with her. As a result, we were able to produce high quality imagery, with many of the followers of my website positively praising the images that Kirsty captured.


The success of grant funding for ACOP will continue Kirsty’s passion and dedication in supporting young artists and creatives. Kirsty's first exhibition in Berlin, Germany has already brought exposure to the work of emerging young artists. I would like that to continue with the second exhibition she wishes to carry out.


Kirsty is committed to supporting the arts and the talent of young people. She generously donates her time to this cause to continue fostering the role young emerging artists play in the arts sector and the wider community."


- Natalie Liang

  Writer and Publicist