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‘our lives are real dreams’, digital print on Georgette, aluminium, zinc, steel, 6 of 400x1000mm, POA.


A loss is to be without, as a result of something being taken. You’re left with less than when you started. It’s a change in perceived state. A hollowness exists when a piece of one’s body is carved internally, from inside to out. Yet the hopelessness or grief associated with loss only comes from our understanding of experiences in relation to time. Through ‘our lives are real dreams’ I’ve come to terms with these feelings, by re-imagining my experiences from individual events that now cease to be, to an underlying feeling that takes the form of knowing. This body remains as it were, but laughter, excitement, kindness, ambiguity, frustration, anger and upset reverberate between and resonate in every corner, until they move beyond these walls. When I lie on the sea floor and look up at the stars in another 4.5 billion years time, I’ll do so as the entity that is writing this here, or dancing by you now.